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Sacred Space & Interior Décor Highlights

Take a peek into some of my projects where I have been able to create spaces for myself and others to celebrate their own unique milestones and journeys. Through hosting workshops, lecturing, design, staging, and décor, l help create a physical manifestation of your soul’s imagination - a sacred space...

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado


While going through some major chronic health challenges, I decided to create a lady cave, she shed, sacred space or zen den  - whatever you fancy - in my home. I did this to give myself a place to heal, be vulnerable, creative, meditate, cry, rediscover pieces of my soul, partake in my hobbies, and indulge my love for decorating and staging spaces. A sacred space feels like home. It feels safe to do your most vulnerable work and have your deepest breakthroughs there. It feels safe to put your worries, your fears, your joys, your disappointments, everything that you have and are on the altar there. It would be an honor to help you create a physical manifestation of your soul’s imagination - a sacred space...


My clients curated hand-made Ghanaian pillows and we styled a photoshoot to showcase their beautiful designs.



Our daughter turned 21 and I transformed our home into 'Club 21' for her and her friends...complete with a VIP section, bottle service, and a red carpet entrance for the birthday girl!


Bedroom Glamformation!

My client requested a glam refresh for their bedroom! They loved the lux results!

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